A downloadable greyhatdemo for Windows


GREYHAT allows you to snoop through various computers with a diverse range of objectives.

The game features:

  • A wide variety of mind-racking levels, each with their own unique setting, puzzles, clues, and twists
  • Puzzles that will challenge you to think logically, as well as subvert your preconceptions
  • Read text logs, emails, journal notes and browsing histories that reveal the true nature of your targets behind the public mask they wear
  • A rich, immersive narrative that draws you in as you ache to solve the mystery of your missing loved one
  • GREYHAT aims to immerse you in its world. You have the ability to play as yourself, with your own name and gender
  • Collectibles in the form of side-stories, recipes, and cryptocurrency can be found in each level

Install instructions

Unzip and launch Greyhat.exe


Greyhat - Demo.zip 142 MB

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